Across the street and around the world, Portland Christian Center makes a difference. Some of our ministries have asked not to have information shared on a public platform. If you do not see a missionary you learned about in one of our services, please contact or the church office for more information.

Japanese Fellowship

Jay & Cheryl Taylor

Joel & Amy Slater

John & Beth Wilson

John & Carolyn Stewart

John & Cheryl Easter

Julia Lowenberg

Keith & Diane Heermann

Ken Huff

Kirk & Yvonne Jones

Laurel Ellis

Little Davey Project

Living Letter, Drew Berryessa

Luis Palau Association

Mark & Judy Hayburn

Mark Seger

Martin Khamis

Matt & Heather Reigel

Mike & Dodey Files

Mike & Kari Ness

Mitchel & Tammy Wollner

Naomi Pfinster

Neighborhood House

NW Collegiate Ministries, Miriam Rainwater