Asia - Eastern

EAST ASIA has its eastern border running along the East China Sea. This region covers a total area of 4,571,092 square miles and has a population size of more than 1.641 billion, which represents 22% of the global population and 38% of Asia's total population. East Asia is politically divided into eight countries and regions:

  • China
  • Mongolia
  • North Korea
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Macau

Click on ( — ) on the map below to get a view of what is known as Central Asia.

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Bill & Carol Paris

I am the pastor of International Christian Assembly (ICA) in Tokyo, Japan. My hearts desire for this ministry is that Christ would be formed in all who come to ICA. We provide continued ministry...

Brad & Roberta Shimomura

Our vision is to empower and equip churches in Japan to create healthy children's and youth ministries, and to use children's and youth ministries as an avenue for church planting. 

David & Fran Wakefield

Thank you for your interest in David & Fran Wakefields' ministries. David & Fran are assigned to Wycliffe’s partner organization, SIL International (Asia). They are administrators ...

Jon Davis

We plant churches in country and were part of an initiative to plant 100 churches in 5 years. Some were above ground but many were below ground. Our goal is to train and equip pastors to have su...

Ken & Linda Benintendi

e have given mission leadership through the years in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Mongolia and China.  For the past 30 years we have based in Hong Kong as they travel to other Asian Countries.&nbs...

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