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At Portland Christian Center we have prayed, "Lord, make us the greatest conduit for the GREAT COMMISSION the world has ever seen."  We pray this prayer not because we think we are so great, but we know God is that great. He has set our hearts on fire to be KINGDOM BUILDERS. In 2019 we have purposed our efforts to extend God's love by Sending, Doing, and Going through special projects and missions across the street and around the world.


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Across the street and around the world, Portland Christian Center makes a difference. Some of our ministries have asked not to have information shared on...


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We have seven foundational missional convictions that we use to measure all we do and support through Kingdom Builders:

The Local Church:

Plant, support and nurture the local church


Support ministries that have the strategy to become self-sustainable

Unreached People:

Preach the Gospel to those who have never heard the Gosepl message


Support ministries that are committed to make disciples that in turn make disciples

Indigenous DNA:

Support ministries with the flavor of that culture and not our own

Redemptive Lift:

Support ministries that become change agents in all aspects of the life of a community

Cooperative Partnerships:

Develop creative partnerships rather than duplicate those ministries within our local church



Julia Lowenberg - Ministry Overview

Published Sat, Aug 10, 19. Written by Linda Noah.



Church Planting in Brazil

Published Mon, Feb 11, 19. Written by Linda Noah.

Exciting news today as Kamron and Janet Burchett are apart of launching out their first missionary couple from their indigenous team in Manaus to go to the unreached region of São Gabriel. Joana and Santiago and their 7 children are heading up river today. They were born in this remote region and they migrated into the city when they were younger. Leaving alcoholism, prostitution and shamanistic practices they became believers in 2014. For the last 3 years, Santiago has taken his canoe from a little village in the Jungle and motored an hour each day to study the Bible, only returning to his family very late at night in the village. Together with the indigenous church planted last year, Kamron and Janet are helping to send this precious couple to a region, four days up river, with over 74 communities with no gospel presence. Pray with them that God’s hand would be over them and their family and would care for them as they go to the last of the last. Thank you PCC for your partnership and for the many who have been praying for this family!


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